Freight transport threatened by shortage of AdBlue fuel additive

The cases

In this period, various difficulties affected the transport sector

First of all, the recent increase in costs of diesel and LNG, which have reached unsustainable prices for road transport companies. In addition to the rising cost of fuel, italian road hauliers are also becoming concerned about a growing shortage of the AdBlue diesel fuel additive. Without it, the operation of most trucks is at risk. The most of modern vehicles using AdBlue (Euro 5 and Euro 6 standard) can’t operating without this liquid.

Specifically, the supply of AdBlue fuel additive is interrupted due to high gas prices: the AdBlue fuel additive is obtained from methane; the increase in costs of methane has consequently caused the increase in costs of this fundamental additive, causing serious shortage of product.

What will be the consequences?

1.5 million vehicles registered for the transport of goods would not be able operate, while the old vehicles with environmental classification from 0 to 4 would return on the go, causing a sure increase in polluting emissions, in a current context that looks towards sustainable mobility and environmental protection.