Record congestion on US West Coast

The cases

Distribution problems and product availability are the direct consequences of what is happening in many American ports. On some shipping lines on the West Coast of the United States, a port congestion is occurring preventing supplies of goods, especially from China, one of the largest producers of goods in the world.

Almost 70 ships are waiting to discharge off Los Angeles and Long Beach (40% of the cargo arriving in the United States transit through these ports). According to VesselsValue, there are 38 container ships with a combined TEU of 228,955, most of which departed from Asian manufacturing ports over a month ago. Some container ships head for other ports, but congestion is increasing also in other ports in North America. This is one of the many effects of the COVID 19 pandemic: the economic recovery and the increase in the demand for goods by companies caused this type of congestion in maritime transport. Rising port congestion has exacerbated pressure on an already stretched global logistics network, worsening supply chain interruptions that are driving shortages in manufacturing. Supply chain problems will persist even in 2022, according to the experts forecasting.