Shipping container shortage

The cases

The emergency linked to the empty container shortage has caused an international trade imbalance. This situation was already present before the start of the pandemic, but it has intensified even more in recent months, with evident repercussions in the field of transport of goods.

Maritime transport is the backbone of world trade, however it is highlighting relevant uncertainties in the current context, in which China plays a primary role. The high demand for empty containers in China, caused a consequent container shortage in Europe, creating difficulties for European shippers. In this situation, the main consequence is a general slowdown in the shipping activity. The empty container shortage is a problem that emerges strongly in northern Europe, but also in other ports including the area of the port of Trieste, although the sustained flow of imported containers and the presence of an efficient railway network in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The Alliance announces new blank sailing at the end of February and also revokes some container services to Italy, by confirming the criticality of the situation.