Blocks on the Brenner Pass

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“Unatras” urges government intervention

The national union of road transport associations “Unatras” has called on the Italian Government to intervene to help solve the situation of the blocks on the Brenner Pass, which prevents the regular circulation for truck drivers, and damage the entire Italian economy. 

In fact, from last February the truck drivers entering Austria and Germanythrough the Brenner Pass must show a negative Covid-19 antigenic swabcertificate. We talked about in this article

Unatras recognizes the urgency of this moment of health emergencyand the consequent restrictions introduced by the Austrian and GermanGovernments, but it cannot fail to underline the hard situation regarding theborder controls at the Brenner Pass, which is causing difficulties in thetransport sector. Thepresident of Unatras points out that the restrictions of free circulation slowdown the transit of goods and the supply of necessity goods, compromising theentire production system and Italian exports. In thecurrent emergency context, thisproblem should not be underestimated and requires immediategovernment intervention.