Checks and Covid-19 test at the Brenner Pass. Not necessary if entering Austria from Tarvisio

Reference legislation

From February 15 professional drivers entering Austria through the Brenner Pass (Tyrol) via the A22 Motorway must have tested their negativity at COVID-19 with a swab.

Austria and Germany has intensified border controls to verify compliance with anti-Covid measures. In fact, truck drivers must have a negative swab test. To minimize the inconvenience of road hauliers bound for Austrian territory through the Brenner Pass, obliged to show a negative Covid-19 antigenic swab certificate, carried out in the last 48 hours, the Italian Government has started to set up stations for carrying out tests on hauliers. Drivers, who do not have this certificate, they must go at the Tarvisio border, through the A4 and A23 Motorway, where momentarily the authorities of the neighboring country do not require this certification for entry into Austria from Carinthia.

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano is activating other stations for carrying out tests near the Brenner Pass. Further stations will eventually be activated according to the evolution of the situation, to limiting inconvenience of hauliers and reducing traffic jams and traffic blocks.