Exceptional transport by sea from Genova to India


Another exceptional transport!

We delivered a heavy and over-size load, whichleft Genova to India at the beginning of April, containing industrialcomponents and consisting of two large boxes: 600 x 300 x 250 and 630 x 300 x250, with a weight of 12500 Kg and 15000 Kg, respectively. 

In particular, we arrangedthe exceptional transport from Treviso, Veneto, where the goods have been packed,to Genova where we carried out the lashing operations on the flat rackcontainer ensuring the protection and preservation of the products. It was thentransferred to the terminal for boarding at the port of Genova with destinationNhava Sheva, Mumbai, India. 

The Port of Nhava Sheva, located on the east of thePort of Mumbai, is known to be the busiest port in India and deals with almosthalf of the country’s imports and exports.