The VDO tachograph is 100 years old. Continental celebrates its centenary and launches the new DTCO 4.1


The VDO tachograph celebrates 100 years of history and innovation.

It is one of the main on board instrument of commercial and industrial vehicles. Its history begins in 1923, in Villingen, Germany, when Herbert Kienzle invented the first device that could record both the driving and stopping times of a vehicle, revolutionizing the transport sector. 

Over the years, the tachograph has undergone further technological development, from an analog to digital form, and has been adapted to new regulatory conditions to improve work efficiency and safety. Today, the device - digital and intelligent - is mandatory on all trucks circulating in the European Community area. It provides not only data relating to driving and stopping times, but also several other information, offering greater safety and efficiency. 

This year, on the occasion of the centenary of its invention, Continental announced the launch of the new DTCO 4.1 for commercial vehicles. Since August 2023, a second-version smart tachograph must be installed in all newly registered commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes weight circulating in the European Union. Always looking for innovative solutions, Continental offers with its new DTCO 4.1 a compliant, safe, technologically advanced, and high-performance tool, contributing to improve the efficiency of the transport and logistics sector.