Biofuels: a possible alternative to electric vehicles

The cases

Last March, the Stockholm European Council postponed the approval regulation to stop marketing new light commercial vehicles powered by internal combustion engines from 2035.

The proposal aims to reduce emissions and accelerate the transition to climate neutrality. But, this change will still have to wait. 

In particular, some countries including Italy have opposed it, focusing instead on biofuels and synthetic fuels as an alternative to electric vehicles only, emphasizing that the vehicle electrification must not be the only possibility for reaching the important goal of zero emissions. 

Considering an international context, the Chinese industry is in a position ahead of the Europe’s in electrification. Instead, Italy is more efficient in the implementation of other technologies such as biofuels and hydrogen, that ensure the same results as electric vehicles. 

In our Country, the use of biofuels is fundamental to achieve the European zero emissions targets: in recent years, biomethane, in addition to biodiesel, has increased in the transport sector. Recently, Eni has also launched a first diesel produced from 100% renewable raw materials, towards a climate transition to protect the environment.