The largest ship in the world has arrived in Genoa


On the 4th of October, the biggest semi-submersible boat in the world “Yacht Servant” arrived in Genoa.

With a celebratory ceremony, the ship has landed at the Imt Terminal of Sampierdarena at the port of Genoa, one of the most important seaports in Italy, where it was safely moored. 

The “Yacht Servant” of the Dyt Yacht Transport company, built in China, is the largest ship in the world by capacity for carrying yachts on board: it has over 6,300msq deck space and measures 214.17 in length and 46 meters across the beam with a draft of 4.6 meters. It was designed to transport large boats, even several ships per route, as well as to transport sailing yachts. It is a fuel-efficient ship complying with IMO Tier-III emission standards. 

It is considered an oversized ship and therefore a special ordinance was required for its entry into the port of Genoa. Ordinance that arrived following specific calculations and simulations, in addition to a high performing work team. 

The “Yacht Servant” will transport several boats from the Mediterranean to Central America in the coming weeks.