Fire in the Karst: A4 motorway closed


The forest fires in the Karst have forced several roads including the A4 motorway to close.

Firefighters are currently on site to keep the fires under control, with various fire outbreaks in the areas of Devetaki, Sablici (Doberdò del Lago), and Medeazza (Duino Aurisina). 

The A4 motorway closure was essential to allow the shutdown operations. Traffic disruptions were inevitable with possible delays in transport. Also closed the Isonzo State road 55. A section of the A4 motorway between Redipuglia and Lisert in the direction of Trieste has been forced to shut. From Venice to Trieste, the exit is mandatory at the Villesse barrier. The trucks were forced off motorway. 600 heavy vehicles were stopped on the motorway between Sistiana and Trieste Lisert, in a safe area away from the fire, to avoid further road congestion. From Trieste to Venice, the highway between Sistiana and Redipuglia remains closed, with a mandatory exit in Sistiana. 

The motorway will reopen only when it is safe for the traffic.