Slovenian Government decides to grant exemptions for truck drivers

Reference legislation

Slovenia is trying to contain the spread of new coronavirus infections by the use of entry restrictions and other measures at the borders. In order not to interfere with freight traffic, Slovenian Government decides to grant exemptions for workers in transport sector.

Entry into Slovenia without a home quarantine order and without the COVID certificate (for example EUDCC) that is a proof of being tested (PCR 72h, HAG 48h), vaccinated or have undergone COVID-19 disease is possible for:

  • persons posted to carry out tasks in international transport (up to and including 15 August 2021). The exception for carrying out tasks in the international transport sector applies to drivers of a commercial vehicle. If the drivers are without a commercial vehicle and do not have a temporary residence or domicile in Slovenia, they can rely on the exception applied to drivers in international transport (communication from the Commission on the implementation of the Green Lanes);
  • persons transiting the territory of Slovenia and exiting Slovenia in the shortest possible time or within 12 hours of entry (up to and including 15 August 2021).

Therefore, the provision allowing entry into Slovenia without compliance with the vaccinated-tested-recovered rule has been extended for drivers in international transport up to 15 August 2021.