The associations proposes a meeting on restrictions and driving bans for trucks.

Reference legislation

Confartigianato Trasporti proposes a meeting with the direction of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility regarding the calendar of driving bans for heavy vehicles, which has been confirmed for the year 2021.

At the beginning of May the weekend bans for trucks have been reinstated again, after they had been suspended without interruption from 15th March 2020 according to a specific decree, which provided the free circulation of vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes. This decision was necessary to deal with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and allowed the presence of trucks during the days generally forbidden for heavy traffic.

In Germany, on the other hand, traffic restrictions were suspended until 30th June 2021, to favour road transport.

Considering that the movement of citizens is still limited, especially on weekends, the sector associations are asking for a further derogation from traffic bans for trucks until the end of May, pending an agreement on the restrictive measures concerning the circulation of trucks in Italy, to facilitate transport system and economic recovery.