Suez Canal has reopened, but “Ever Given” remains in Egypt


The adventures of the “Ever Given”, that blocked the Suez Canal for a long time, have not yet ended.

Despite being freed from the Suez Canal, thecontainer ship will remain in Egypt until investigation are complete andcompensation is paid.

Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, underlined that the blockingof traffic caused by the “Ever Given” along one of the world’s most importantmaritime arteries, reported a loss of 1 billion dollars, in addition to thecosts of the operation to free the ship. In fact, the dislodging operationswere particularly difficult, and dozen tugs have worked to free the ship, usingtwo dredges and excavations, provided by Egypt. 

Furthermore, Rabie added thatthe responsibility for the accident cannot in any case be attributed to theSuez Canal Authority, but to the captain of the ship, who may have made amistake regarding the route or speed.

Therefore,the ship will be released only after reaching a compensation agreement fordamages caused to the canal.