The difficulties for trucking after Brexit  

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The impact of Brexit on truck transports has been immediate. Although there were no traffic jams on the Channel coasts, in the first days of 2021 many problems regarding truck transports have already arisen.  

The new procedures imposed by Brexit have significantly increased the difficulties in road freight transport to England. In particular, the two main problems are the expensive freight rates due to the shrinking exports from Great Britain, and the unclear customs procedures.

These realities have led to high transportation costs. Specifically, the costs of shipping to Great Britain have more than doubled, in many cases have tripled or even quadrupled. The costs for exports to Europe in some cases have even increased by 700%. In addition, there is the extreme difficulty for the shippers in compiling customs documentation and completing export formalities at the frontier.

Transporters and freight forwarders may also encounter more controls for some of the following reasons:

  • error in completing Box 51 of the Common Transit Convention, a problem that could arise from the change at the last moment of the landing port;
  • transport of goods that require a special sanitary and phytosanitary controls, a situation in which European customs officers apply very strict procedures, as demonstrated by the seizure of food including sandwiches, which the drivers bring as a meal;
  • regarding the food items that require a special controls, it is necessary to have a reference at the port of arrival in France in order to manage documents correctly. In the absence of this figure, the vehicle may be blocked.