The regatta season of Anywave, the Frers 63 of the Sistiana Sailing Team of which we are sponsors, continues in Venice.

Events | Activities

Although Anywave did not race the Barcolana 52, canceled due to weather conditions, the crew is ready to move to Venice this weekend, for two unmissable events dedicated to sport and glamour. Both events are organized with the support of Belmond Hotel Cirpiani, Luxury hotel in Venice with which Anywave Safilens will race the Venice Hospitality Challenge, a regatta reserved for Maxi Yachts competing in the San Marco basin, held next Saturday 17th October. A weekend dedicated to sailing and hotel excellence, but also to catering with four affiliated restaurants thanks to the collaboration of Bajta Fattoria Carsica, partner of Anywave. On Sunday 18th October Anywave will race the Veleziana regatta, always promoting the R.Eco Project for the marine environment protection. The project was established by Anywave and it has our support, and also that of Mauro Pelaschier, an Italian sail expert, skipper and helmsman of Azzurra, the Italian sailboat competed in America's Cup, as well as helmsman of different boats like the Moro di Venezia Sailing Yacht.