We support Anywave, which introduces the Ecological Manager.

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We support Anywave, which introduces the Ecological Manager.

The presentation of Anywave and of the new projects of the Sistiana Sailing Team was held in Portopiccolo Sistiana, on Friday 17th July. During the press conference was presented regattas and ecological projects, with the presence of several enthusiasts and the Regional Assessor for the defense of the environment, Fabio Scoccimarro.

Anywave is an optimized Frers 63, with a team of professional sailors led by Alberto Leghissa. We are among the new sponsors too, as Fulvio Gianesini explained: “We have sponsored art and book exhibitions and sports such as hockey and basketball. Today we are proud to be a sponsor of Anywave and its project. Sailing is an authentic passion, combined with the ability to work in a team and always considering environmental sustainability". Leghissa illustrated the R.Eco Project, which aims to raise awareness of the problem of the waste in the sea to protect the marine environment. The Project is supported by Barcolana, which introduces the Ecological Manager figure in the crew list. The sail expert Mauro Pelaschier supported the Project too. Among the first Italian sailboats to join the project also the one of Fulvio Gianesini.

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