Idria – St. Lucia d'Isonzo line

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Not only goods transportation. At the origin, thanks to a large range of coaches, we also transported people.

Since foundation of Gianesini Erminio, our family has been specialized in shipments and transports, thanks to our collaborators too. We started with the transportation of people, their luggage, goods and mail, along the Isonzo valley: since 1930, we have been using the Fiat 503 and the Fiat 635 RNL bus, as well as the O.M. 3 BLP and O.M. 3 BLD. 

One of the lines covered was the Idria - St. Lucia d'Isonzo, with crossroad for Zelin and Circhina, where there were employed 3 or 4 vehicles, with an amount of 50 thousand of passengers transported per year. Another line served was the one that from St. Lucia d'Isonzo, went through Ronzina, Canal d'Isonzo, Plava and arrived to Gorizia Station. Also in this case, 2 vehicles, Fiat and O.M. Mechanical Officine, were employed. After the Second World War we specialized only in goods transportation.

In the image you can see a ticket for the Circhina-Zeline line.