Houthis video shows attack on bulk carrier Tutor in Red Sea

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The Houthi attacks on ships continue in the Red Sea.

Yemen's Houthi rebels released a video showing their attack which sank a Greek-owned transport ship in the Red Sea. A bulk carrier Tutor sank a faw days after the attack, which occurred a couple of weeks ago. 

The sinking of the Tutor marks a new escalation by the Houthis in their campaign of attacks on ships in the vital maritime corridor over the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip (We had already talked about it in this article). 

After already launching numerous attacks and the sinking of the Rubymar in the Red Sea in March, on the 12th of June the Houthis targeted the Greek bulk carrier, which was abandoned by the crew with the help of U.S. and French military forces. During its passage from the Red Sea, several naval weapons were used to target and sink the ship Tutor, including weapons used for the first time. 

The Houthis released footage showing their attack on the Tutor, acknowledging they used also different drone boats to hit the vessel from both its side and the stern. The small boat can be seen approaching the vessel and the video captures the moment of impact, followed by a second explosion on the left side of the vessel. At the end, the ship is seen low at the stern. However, further explosions around the stern of the vessel suggests that the Houthi set off additional charges to accelerate the sinking.

Watch the video!