Truck thefts are on the rise in Italy

The cases

Truck theft is a constantly growing phenomenon and this is a significant problem for the transport sector.

Theheavy vehicle theft grew by 10% in Italy in 2022, according to data from theLoJack Italia company. Similarly, recent data complies by Viasat Observatoryshows that 2,416 trucks were stolen in 2022. This represents a 10% rise on2021. Even more alarming is the fact that heavy vehicles - trucks, trailers,special vehicles, buses and caravans - are less likely to be tracked. Only 1 in3 is recovered after theft. The recovery percentage of trucks is 34%.

And allthis is because these actions are carried out by real criminal organizationswith centers for sale and dismantling of stolen vehicles, interested both inthe value of the vehicles and of the transported goods. 

Specifically, theincrease in thefts of heavy vehicles was particularly evident in variousregions: in Puglia with 532 cases, followed by Lombardia, Lazio and Campania. 

Thieves use hi-tech devices to facilitate their actions, therefore the best methodto defend against theft is the satellite technology, which allows you tomonitor and protect the vehicle and find it again via geolocation