Gianesini joins the LOGIFEM Network


We are pleased to announce that our company joined the logistics network of the LOGIFEM society: it is the first network in the world specialized for woman professionals in logistics and freight forwarding.

The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is a unique and only women platform for logistics with women members from 127 countries around the world. It has a powerful network of freight forwarders, always improving through new collaborations in recent years. The contact person for our company is Francesca Gianesini, who said she was particularly grateful and satisfied to be part of the first women network of the sector. 

In addition to develop industry-leading solutions to the challenges and opportunities faced by freight forwarders, LOGIFEM aims to encourage women entrepreneurs for equal opportunities and business potentials, by pursuing the sustainability through women, social inclusion, equity and accessibility.

Gianesini Erminio Srl has consolidated a strong correspondent system and global networks to provide more than 110 countries for over 30 years. We hope that joining this new group will allow us to enrich the LOGIFEM network with our expertise and experience, as well as to grow our business in freight forwarding.