The importance of truck drivers in the transport sector. 2022 Driver of the Year Award


Professional truck drivers are essential for transport and shipping companies.

InItaly, road freight transport is constantly growing and represents an essentialservice for road haulage companies. 

The role of truck drivers is crucial inensuring the supply and transport of goods, traveling long distances every dayfrom one place to another to deliver goods to warehouses, shops, andrestaurants. 

The national road transport association ANITA established thereforethe "Driver of the Year Award" to enhance the role of heavy vehicledrivers. The first edition was held on September 2022, in the province ofSassari in Sardinia, proclaiming the winner Tiziano D’Aprile, who has beencarrying out this job for thirty-seven years. Several elements were taken intoconsideration: technical skills, driving, the absence of accidents, and othertasks such as taking responsibility for transporting the goods on time, as wellas the character traits of the candidates. 

This recognition aims to representall drivers in the sector, to promote truck driver’s work and to improveheavy vehicle driver competency, as well as to pass on the profession tofuture generations.