Christmas for Gianesini


Every Christmas we receive presents and gifts: toys for kids and gifts for everyone, Panettone and sparkling wines. But not everything is done by the elves or carried by Santa's reindeers on the sleigh.

Behind the several deliveries during Christmas holidays, there are shippers, transporters, and logistics operators who guarantee deliveries in a fast and reliable manner. A transport service based on experience and guaranteed results. We provide transport services, since 1924. It all started whit Erminio Gianesini, with the passenger transport service to transport also people who went back to their loved ones for the holidays!

Our activity includes different services, allowing us to transport over 2,000,000 tons of goods each year, of which almost 200,000 tons in December.

If Santa Claus can only count on air transport flying on the sleigh, we can deliver everything you need for holiday season (everything you need to set the table or to decorate the house, that you go to buy or have ordered online), even by land and sea, thanks to our truck and sea transport services.

Behind every consumer goods, which is not an agri-food product at KM 0, behind every kind of goods, large or small, there is a logistic operator who ships and transports - sometimes at a controlled temperature -, which carries out customs operations and storage to deliver quickly and safely even at home.

With our best wishes for a happy holidays, we are ready to continue to do our beautiful job also in 2022!