Evergreen Ace: the new largest container ship in the world


The new 24,000TEU container ship Ever Ace built for Evergreen Marine has been inaugurated.

It is the first of a series of 12 ships ordered by Evergreen in China and South Korea shipyard. It was built by South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries and was officially delivered on 29 July. Ever Ace arrived in Taiwan from the Qingdao Port, Shanghai for the inauguration ceremony. The vessel will continue to Yantian before heading to Northern Europe.

The container capacity of Ever Ace reached 23,992TEU, surpassing HMM Algeciras (23,964TEU) and breaking the record as the world’s largest container ship. It also stands out for its green color.

Ever Ace is part of an expansion program for Evergreen: it is expected that Evergreen will usher in another three class A container ships this year, which together with the Ever Ace will be put into operation on the European line.