Langoris | Audiobook


Storie di vini e di cavalieri (Stories of wines and knights) also in english version

During this period of emergency we want to contribute to the well-being of people, so we provide this service accessible by everyone. In these days, during which people stay at home to prevent and reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, certainly many are bored, but there are also many truck drivers who transport essential goods throughout the world.

By clicking on the link directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone you can listen to the book LANGORIS - Storie di vini e di cavalieri (LANGORIS - Stories of wines and knights) by Stefano Cosma, which we had personalized. Thanks to the TOP Voice website, it has become an audiobook in english version to be listened sitting comfortably on your armchair or in the cabin of your truck, during stops. The 196-page book, divided into twenty-one chapters, in this innovative version is divided into six parts.

Enjoy the listening!