Coronavirus: Mit clarifies on goods and cross-border

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No limitations or any restrictions on the transit of goods and the entire production chain from and to the territories indicated in art.1 of the DCPM (Administrative order of Prime Ministry) of 8th March 2020.

Waiting for guidelines on the handling of freight, MIT clarifies some points related to cross-border and goods.


Goods can enter and leave the affected territories. The activity of the transport operators is a work requirement: the personnel that conduct the means of transport can enter and leave the affected territories and move within them, limited to the needs of delivery or withdrawal goods.


The restrictions introduced today do not prohibit travel for proven business reasons. Therefore, unless they are subject to quarantine or have tested positive for the virus, cross-border workers will be able to enter and leave the territories concerned to reach their jobs and return home. Interested parties will be able to prove the business reason for the move by any means of transportation , including a declaration that can be made to the police in case of any checks.

Here is the official article of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.