By land and sea. Gianesini travels for 4 generations

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Gorizia, the historical transport company today has 40 million in revenue

From the newspaper Corriere Imprese NordEst - Corrire del Veneto

The fourth generation is now entering the company but everything started in 1924, when grandfather - or rather great grandfather - Erminio moved to Idria with his brother and founded a goods and people transport company. In 1940 the company moved to Gorizia and many vicissitudes followed, including the destruction of the company during the war. However, Erminio did not give up and moved to Venezuela, where he set up another business. But things did not go well and Erminio returned to Italy. In the early 1960s, under his leadership, his four sons re-founded the company, specializing in the transport of dangerous goods with tanks. In the mid-1980s, the third generation also took over the direction of the shipping agency. At the time most of the expeditions were to and from the ex-Yugoslavia, but in 1991, when the war in the Balkans began, Gianesini was once again forced to reinvent itself and after the fall of the Berlin Wall it specialized in expeditions to the East, starting from Hungary to reach the Russian market. Since then, the company has continued to grow, adding to the various services provided also shipments by sea and air, opening the three branches in Milan, Modena and Trieste and expanding its market to the whole Europe. This is a brief summary of our story, to discover more about us read this article from “Corriere della Sera” and visit the section of the website "About Us".