Not just truck transportation! We learned to fly…

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Our company offers air shipments too, which we have been managing for more than 20 years, transporting about 200,000 kg per year. Just to give you an idea, it would be like sending 20,000 hand luggage that normally each of us is allowed to carry in the cabin when traveling.

Obviously we don’t ship hand luggage. The products we deliver all over the world range from small packages of a few kilos, which travel in the holds of normal passenger planes, to the transport of large machinery, which instead travel in the very large holds of cargo planes.

It is precisely through a cargo plane that we shipped a huge mold for engine blocks. Specifically, there were three packages to be shipped with a total weight of over 40 tons. From Italy they were brought in by two trucks to Milan Malpensa airport. From here they were loaded into the hold of a Boeing 747 to United States, where finally they were delivered by two trucks to the customer. This is just one of the many air shipments that we organize every year. Air shipments are faster than maritime transportation, but skills and experience are required!

(In the images you can see two of the three packages loaded into the hold of the aircraft)