From Monselice to the USA, how to transport a scanner of high value

The cases

Over-size load of six hundred thousand euros of value to transport from the Veneto Region to the United States.

From Monselice

to Columbia City

Each type of goods has different transportation features.

We often have to deliver particular or over-size materials. In addition, sometimes the transport must be carried out in the United States and the value of the material exceeds six hundred thousand euros, so things get complicated.

This is what happened to us when we had to transport a high-precision scanner from the Veneto Region to Columbia City. 

We provided the putting on a flat rack prepared for packaging (7 x 2.10 x 4.20 m) and we delivered it to the port of Genoa with an exceptional transport truck.

Then, the transport took place by sea up to New York. Once we got there, we provided the disembarking of the load and the unpacking operation. We removed the crate from the flat rack and we put it on the truck for exceptional transport to Columbia City, in Indiana.

The most delicate aspects of the operation

  • release of Italian permits
  • production delays: we got permits in 1.5 weeks instead of 4/5 standard weeks 
  • customs operations to export in the USA
  • high value of the goods
  • very careful choice of the suppliers to be involved (maritime company, the best route, etc.)